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We're a unique company made up of experts with long experience in design, engineering, product development and marketing, catering for businesses in the care industry. Although our design portfolio includes many different types of product, we particularly specialise in power assisted bathing.

Our skills are in product design, modern polymer plastics technology, electro-mechanical construction and the manufacturing process. Our project management is not 'one-size fits all' - rather, it is adapted closely to the specific project in hand.

Our Senior Commercial Partner combines over 35 years' experience in the specialist bathing sector with a strong up-to-date awareness of market pressures, SWOT analysis and profit maximisation.

In other words, we have what it takes to supply your business with exactly the right product and support it throughout its life cycle. Since our beginnings we have completed an impressive range of projects for several key players in different areas of the care sector.

Innovation is at the heart of CARING DESIGNS as we constantly seek to improve on existing methods and materials. We will strike out in new directions when opportunity arises, focussing not only on your current business but your future markets as well.

Needless to say, CARING DESIGNS maintains absolute customer confidentiality.

about us
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